New York’s only soap ‘One Life To Live’ Reca[ 12/27

Tuesday December 27th’s episode of the soon to be gone One Life To Live began with: Rex waking up and realizing Gigi was just a dream. A broken hearted Rex looks in the mirror and hears a voice. “It was no dream Balsom”. Gigi is there in a bath towel telling him she is back for good. They embrace and kiss and make love, full of the wonder of Gigi’s return . Later Gigi laments the fact that a snowstorm stopped them from getting home to Shane. Shane calls Rex and Rex tells him they will be home soon. Shane tells him he has big news for him and Rex says he will top his news. Rex tells Gigi about Clint getting Stacy’s heart. He tells her how dark his life became until he started being visited by “her”. At Llanfair Shane tells Natalie and Clint he was the person who gave the cops evidence against Jack Manning. Clint tells Shane he is proud of him and he knows Gigi would be also. Later Natalie talks to Clint about Viki. he says he is taking things slowly but Natalie is sure they belong together. She and Shane then have a talk about Gigi and she tells him he is a lot like his mother. When Rex arrives Sjane tells him his news about Jack. Rex quickly tells him Gigi is alive but Shane cannot believe it, even when she walks into the room. Rex reassures him and Shane whispers “Mommy?”. Gigi takes him in her arms and Shane believes. Blair is visiting Jack who is scared and worried about his fate. Jack is sure brad turned on him. “The only time you showed interest in me is when I am in trouble” Jack tells Blair.Jack says he was neglected and Blair reminds him how lucky he is to have family . He has no idea how it feels to grow up alone. Jack tells her Gigi death was an accident, he did not want anyone to get hurt. Todd visits John and wants to know who set Jack up? Tea shows up and John explains about Jack’s confession.Tea tells Blair Jack can be in a lot of trouble. Later John tells Tea it was Neela who taped Jack. Todd visits Jack and demands to know who could have made the tape? Jack is sure it is a fake but he thanks Todd for being there for him. Neela visits next, just as Jack had convinced himself Neela would not betray him. Todd comforts Blair and says they will not lose Jack.


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