New York’s only soap ‘One life to Live’ recap 12/29

Cutter calls Kim to tell her Stacy is dead and it is Gigi who is alive. Kim is all alone now but cutter says she still has him. he then asks kim to bust him out of jail. he tells her about Alex and wants to scam her with Kim.

Gigi taunts Jack asking if he is seeing a ghost. She then promises to “kick his scrawny ass” the way she started that night. Tea tells Gigi to back off , they argue but Tea says she is happy she is alright. Is Jack happy? Gigi wonders. Shane takes her out of the office where John is outside his office talking to Natalie. “Hi guys.It’s me” Gigi greets them. Natalie is delighted and she and John hug her. When John leaves them alone Gigi remarks how much lighter John seems. Gigi then tells her about John being Liam’s father. Natalie says she knows and Gigi wonders why they are not together. “Life is too short”. When Tea and Jack celebrate John comes in and bursts their bubble but Tea says he cannot charge Jack because Stacy interrupted the events.  John still wants to make Jack pay for what he did to Gigi. Tea wants him to work on Todd’s case.  jack comes out and says he is glad she is alive and is sorry. “Tell that to my sister” Gigi tells him. Natalie and John start to talk when once again John is called away, but they will spend the New Year together.

Todd and Blair go back to La Boulaie where Todd is sure Neela followed Rex’s orders.When Blair goes to see Sam Todd realizes Tea knows he killed victor. He throws a glass dish and Blair tells him Jack needs a father who believes in him thinking he is upset about Jack. He says he wishes Jack did not hate him. Blair tells him “You stand behind Jack and I will stand behind you.” Tea and Jack walk in and hear Todd wants to fire her. Tea tells them Gigi is alive. “He’s n ot a murderer.” Todd says. “It makes one of you”. Tea says

Rex tells Aubrey about Gigi and she thinks he is still in a dream world. She understands and tells him to go to his family. When Rex leaves she cries.

Clint is ranting to Viki about jack but Viki stands by her nephew and brother.They flirt and declare their love for each other and seal it with a kiss. Viki speaks of Gigi who was like a sister to her. She deserves justice. Just then Shane walks in and Gigi follows behind slowly ” I didn’t want to give you a heart attack” she tells them. “Is it really you ? Viki asks and she and Gigi embrace and cry. Clint cannot believe he has Stacy’s heart. “She was not using it anyway” Shane quips Gigi tells Viki she can always count on her and thanks her for taking care of her boys. Rex comes in and gets down on one knee and begins to propose to Gigi as Clint gives him his mother’s ring. Gigi accepts. xoxo


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