Nrew York’s only soap One Life to Live, recap 12/28/11

Wednesday’s One Life To Live began with:

Todd comforting Blair and promising to get their boy out of jail.

Shane cannot believe that it is really his “Mommy”, but Rex and Gigi explain the truth to him. Gigi asks Shane if he can see  with his long hair, so like MOM. “My heart remembered you when my brain couldn’t” Gigi tells Shane. Shane realizes Jack is innocent of killing Gigi and he explains how he is in jail for it because of his plan with Neela. They decide to go to the jail to see John and tells him about Jack. Rex tells Gigi bout Aubrey and she makes him call her to let her know about Gigi.”Your it for me now and forever” Rex tells her. She sends Rex to tell Aubrey while she and Shane go to the precinct.

Rama tells Aubrey about Neela exposing Jack. Aubrey defends Shane for his talking Neela into helping him.

Rick tells Starr he owns her and he will not let her out of the contract. She is too valuable as is her families notoriety. He shows her the video which shows a grown up Starr.

Tea  and John confront Todd about trying to get Jack off with violence. Tea tells it was Neela who made the tape. Tea is aggressive towards Todd who does not understand why she is so angry with him.Tea tells them Jack could go to jail for life. Blair cries he is just a boy…..Tea sends Todd and Blair for a walk. Neela visits Jack and she tells him she taped him. He becomes violent and tells her to get away from him for good. Rama runs into Neela in the park and Neela cries about Jack. Todd finds her there and confronts her about taping Jack. Tea needs to talk with Jack. She talks to John about Todd when they bring Jack in. She tells Jack she will try to keep him out of prison and he tells her about Neela. There is a knock on John’s office door and Shane walks in with Gigi behind him. Jack looks shocked…



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