Soap Classics to bring New York’s ‘Guiding Light ‘ DVD’s in January.

Good news for GUIDING LIGHT  fans and soap opera fans in general. A new 20-Episode 4-Disc DVD will be brought to us by ‘Soap Classics’ coming in mid-January.

The “Classics” DVD like  the ‘AS THE WORLD TURNS’ Classics DVD will have four discs with five episodes each.

‘We Love Soap’s’ revealed a couple of the favorite episodes on the DVD below:

* “Quint and Nola’s wedding. How could Nola’s entire family leave her at home with no ride to the church on her wedding day? Never fear, the ingenious Nola found a ride thanks to the Springfield Fire Department. And the Four Musketeers had just finished their prom and were gearing up for a hot summer.

* Roger Thorpe’s “death” in Santo Domingo. As Bert Bauer prays to God to keep her sons, Ed and Mike, safe from harm, Roger is facing his last hours on earth. Or so we would think at the time. Alan and Hope were a month from their wedding day. Any episode with Charita Bauer, Barbara Berjer, Maureen Garrett, Christopher Bernau, Michael Zaslow, Don Stewart and Mart Hulswit is heaven to me.”

Please buy these wonderful, memorable DVD’s and support “Soap Classics” who lead the surge towards keeping the soap genre alive and saving the soaps. Also, watch the free online episode here:


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