‘The Bay’, Chapter 7 Part 3.

 In Chapter 7 Part 3, we resume with Marly and Lianna arguing over Peter, who takes off.  Lex wants everyone to calm down and for Lianna to leave. She says she will leave, but she will prove to everyone who her father is. Tony wants to know what this is all about?

Sara sees Peter and tells him how handsome he looks and that she loves him. He wants to know why she claimed Claire had committed suicide? He walks away not happy with her explanation..

Tony arrives and tells Brian he is there for him, but he is stepping down to let Peter take his place as Best Man.

Lex asks Sara if she is okay? She tells him her children are not talking to her again.                          

Mrs. Madison, the Mayor’s wife’s daughter arrives and takes a seat.

Dr Campbell arrives with his son Will and Mrs. Madison takes them to their seats


Meanwhile, Igor is in Zoey’s room telling her about Brian. He wants to open her eyes and does when he shows her pictures of Brian with the kidnapped, tied up Isabella……

The next episode will be the Season finale and though I cannot wait to see it I want this to go on without end. It is that great.




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