New York’s only soap One Life to Live, recap 12/30

Friday’s episode of One Life To Live began:

At La Boulaie where Blair shows the painting Tomas painted of her. Blair complains about being soft with men. He tells her she was not always soft, she was not a victim. Blair wrecks the painting and asks Todd to spend New Year’s with her. James and Starr watch the “Jailbait” video and James cannot believe she is staying with Rick as manager. He warns her not to trust him, but does not want to hold her back from her career. Todd shows up in a tux and Blair lights a candle and burns a note that says “Trusting the wrong man. Todd then burns a “Killing Victor, framing Tomas” note. He kisses Blair and Blair kisses him.

Roxy comes to the Buchanan mansion and cannot believe Gigi is real. She checks her out for scars and Rex tells her the DNA proved she is truly Gigi. Gigi says how sorry she is about ‘Fraternity Row’ being cancelled which convinces Roxy she is Gigi. Bo arrives and Gigi hugs him as Roxy drags her out to get ready for her wedding. Bo helps Rex get ready.


Natalie calls John and invites him to the wedding. Madame Delfina arrives to tell John “pure evil will rock Llanview”. She felt it when the lights flickered. John says it was just a brownout. “You will be in the eye of the storm” she tells John and “Be prepared for the worst”.

Viki and Clint are getting Llanfair ready for the wedding and Clint remarks about having the heart of a maniac. Viki says the heart is just a muscle and his goodness is what gives him his heart. Nora arrives and tells them Matthew is with David and Dorian. Nora tells Gigi she looks beautiful for a dead woman. Delfina is marrying them and Rex stands with Shane. Gigi comes in looking beautiful in her gown. Rex and Gigi say their vows and and Rex swears to treasure their family forever. Both in tears Gigi thanks him for bringing her back to life. She will always love him and their family. The light the candle and Rex and Gigi are husband and wife. When everyone is ready for the countdown the lights go out. John is called into the station. Natalie is alone and sees someone in the dark. She screams.

At the Buchanan mansion Rex asks Delfina how he got messages from Gigi while she was in a coma. She tells them the universe wanted them together. Delfina leaves and hopes John is ready for what’s coming. Inside Gigi and Rex dance in the glow of candlelight.

Bo is ready to toast his family , but Nora feels sick and goes to bed. When she awakens Bo is not there and she sees someone in the dark. She screams.

John tells Bo there was a breakout at Statesville. Bo asks who is on the list?

At La Boulaie Starr answers the door and says “It’s you”.


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