‘The Bay’, Chapter 7 Part 4.

The Bay chapter 7.4 began as:

Miguel comes to the wedding with Marly’s cousin which makes Marly see green. Tony tells her he gave Peter the Best Man job. He mentions her “new frien and gets upset when she just answers that  Tamara is her cousin. Tony gets up and leaves..

The mayor arrives and he asks his wife Sophia to sit close to Sara, but she remarks that Lex is there.

Lex is not happy to see the mayor. He remarks on the minister being the same one who married Sara and Lee. Sara remembers the ceremony. Lex asks where Lee is? Sara looks concerned.

 As the guests rise for the bride,  Lee is in his car on the phone with Janice saying he is not sure what is going on with Marly and Miguel .
Lianna sees Lee going into a warehouse, and as Brian lifts the brides veil to expose Igor,  Lee opens the door to the warehouse where Isabella is being held and there is an explosion…Lianna falls to her knees as she watches the building burning.

This  double cliffhanger is one of the best and as good as any televised soap. Now we wait for the return of the ‘best’ web series, “The Bay”.


The amazing cast:

Jed Allan (Harold Johnson)                  

Kristos Andrews (Pete Garrett)

Real Andrews (Dr. Keith Campbell)

Matthew Ashford (Steve Jensen)

Daphne Bloomer (Colleen Givens)

Kimberlin Brown (Dr. Grace Drum )

Dylan Bruce (Brian Nelson)

Nicolas Coster (Jack Madison)

Lane Davies (Mackenzie Johnson)

Mary Beth Evans (Sara Garrett)

Jade Harlow (Lianna Ramos)

Brody Hutzler (Kenneth Allen)

Thor Knai (Matthew Johnson)

Martha Madison (Marly Nelson-Foster)

Lilly Melgar (Janice Ramos)

Michael Redford (Officer Steele)

Sean Riggs (Tony Foster)

Sandra Dee Robinson (Christine Nelson)

Tristan Rogers (Lex Martin)

Adam Sabbagh (Dr. Kevin Hourani)

Paul Satterfield (Lee and Roy Nelson)

Claire-Louise Sedgley (Isabella Sanders)

Ignacio Serricchio (Manny Ramos)

Charles Shaughnessy (Elliot Sanders)

Taylor Stanley (Zoey Johnson)

Monica Thomas (Vivian Johnson)

Camden Toy (Igor Chambers)

Derrell Whitt (Will Campbell)

Marie Wilson (Claire Andrews)

Jacklyn Zeman (Sophia Madison)

a LANYfilms Production

Gregori J. Martin

Kristos Andrews
Matthew Ashford
Nicolas Coster
Mary Beth Evans
Celeste Fianna
Martha Madison
Roger Newcomb
Bridget Petrella
Tristan Rogers
Derrell Whitt

Charles Shaughnessy

Happy New Year dear readers.








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