Real life intersects with ‘One Life to Live’.

I have been writing about and lamenting the loss of the great soap ‘One Life to Live’ and it’s last days on television ending January 13th. On New Year’s Day my darling, wonderful, perfect husband Bill had a massive stroke.  As I sit and look at him everyday this week the term one life to live is all too real and frightening and I pray every hour of each day that my darling will have more of that one life to live. Each breath he takes is labored and he has such a hard time even nodding his wonderful bald head. It is heartbreaking and so scary as I watch my son and daughter try to be brave and knowing each time they look at him could be the last. We leave each night dreading a phone call and when the phone does ring our hearts collectively stop.

He was intubated, but when we went in today he was breathing on his own, still hooked up to the ventilator in case he has trouble breathing on his own, but it is a small victory for him and for us.

The soap opera I so love is coming to an unseemly end because of corporate greed and a lot of fine actors and crew are out of work and the drama and fun and timely stories they brought to a gratetful audience will cease in 5 days, but their lives will go on and many will acheive even more fame. I sadly say goodbye to them, my source of income, but more so the place I could go to forget my own troubles and share Viki and Clint, Bo and Nora and Dorian, Blair and Starr’s ups and downs and can lose myself for that entertaining hour. Thank You to all of the people associated with this show for almost half a century.

Now I will miss their farewell and I will work on another story. That of a man, no,  a Superman who managed to come back from colon cancer and is living with kidney cancer. a man who had a massive heart attack and came back from the dead to be back at work in a two month period of doing nothing but forcing himself to get well. A Superman who was hit by two cars and walked away from it. A Superman who works tirelessly to support his family, who though working for a company of ingrates still gives 150% to his job and the people who work hard for HIM. A man who has loved me unconditionally all of our life together and I ask myself why him? Why has he had to fight and work so hard to never have a moment when he could jusr sit back and not have to worry?

Now he is facing his biggest fight and I can only pray to God that he can come back fully and be our wonderful Superman again. Please let his “One Life” not be over.

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