Revolution? This show will have only ‘one short life to live’.

TV Media Insights reports that the insipid replacement series for the renowned ‘One Life to Live’ lost 25 percent of ‘The Chew’s’ lead-in audience  in it’s first week, Tuesday and Wednesday, and is down 35 percent from where cancelled number 2 soap ‘One Life to Live’ was in the same timeslot a year ago.

The bean counters at ABC who have been dying to kill the longest running daytime genre, soaps, for years, will surely profess that since ‘The Revolution’ is cheaper to produce than a 42 year old quality scripted drama, things aren’t all that grim.

Belying what they claim, they spent an obscene amount of money trying to lure viewers to watch this mess of a show. Unfortunately, they refused to put this money into one of the best run and written soap opera’s in the history of soaps.

It makes on wonder who is making these decisions and who will be the next to go after Brian Frons was shown the door?


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