Will your NY cable provider be showing Disney Jr. on March 23rd?

Soap fans have been told that on March 23rd they will now be losing SoapNet which shows Young and the Restless, Days Of Our Lives and General Hospital same day repeats at night and overnight for thsoe fans who cannot watch their favorite soaps during the day. SoapNet also shows reruns of One Life To Live  and many nightime soaps such as One Tree Hill and Brothers and Sisters and more.

Soap fans have endured many losses over the past few years and now losing the only soap channel seems like cruel and unusual punishment especialy since ABC Disney is the parent company and they will replace SoapNet with Disney Junior.. Just what Television needs another children’s channel.

I have researched the change and have found that so far Direct TV and Dish Network will not be showing Disney Junior yet and so for those viewers you will still see SoapNet for awhile longer.

Of course, soap fans will not take this lying down and have been campaigning for a new soap channel. All soaps all of the time is my mantra and that is what we need. A channel with just Soaps!

If you want this new channel please join this group, I would pay a cable/sattelite/network provider to save my soaps. Also go to http://www.sudz.tv/ to join the cable coupon campaign.


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