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The excellence that is Ron Carlivati is evident in Monday’s General Hospital. Set in Port Charles, New york the Hospital is the centerpiece of the town and the Doctor’s should be center stage. Right now the death of the beloved Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake is a tragedy that affects most of the players here. Her husband Dr. Patrick Drake, his brother Matt also a doctor and Elizabeth Webber a nurse and one of Robin’s best friends all mourn the loss. The brilliance of Mr. Carlivati is also shown when he brings Robin’s mother Anna Scorpio and father Robert Scorpio to town after the terrible accident that led to her death. Anna is a remarkable woman, a spy like her ex husband Robert, she is strong and capable, but also warm and loving and very understanding. She is a rock for her son in law and also her brother in law Mac Scorpio, Robin’s uncle and Robert’s brother. Mac was a father to Robin all the years Robert was away on assignments. Robert is taking the loss of his daughter especially hard, feeling he should have been there for her. He saved so many lives doing his job, but was not there for the most important person in his life. After viewing her charred remains he is so distraught he goes to the bridge where Robin used to go to remember her lost love. Here once again Ron Carlivati shows his expertise, giving Robert lines that compliment not only his wonderful acting skills, but the real Robert Scorpio which had been so misrepresented in the former head writer Garin Wolf’s incapable hands. Robert wants to end it all feeling a failure by not saving his daughter. Enter his best friend and sometimes competitor Luke Spencer, who is sent by Anna to talk Robert down. Robert can open up to this long time compatriot and does. Luke shares his tragic mistake of killing Jake, his son’s four year old in a car accident. They talk of loss but Robert reminds Luke he still has children, even Ethan and goes to jump. Luke grabs his arm and tells him Ethan is not his son, he is Robert’s.

Meanwhile, at the Drake house Matt arrives to see his brother finding Elizabeth there. She is there because Robin asked her to help Patrick if anything ever happened to her. The thought that Elizabeth should stay by Patrick’s side is there, but she also has an attraction to Matt. What will happen to the lovely, needy heroine is anyone’s guess but in RC’s hands she will be handled respectfully and emotionally by a pro.

Kate shows up at Johnny Zaccara’s dressed more like her real persona Connie Falconari. She explains to Johnny that she is not Kate and has to save herself and Connie and needs his help. She is seductive and alluring in a different way than Kate.She tells Johnny how weak Kate is around Sonny and explains how she wore Kate’s bloody wedding dress to try to remind her of how Sonny wrecks lives especially Kate’s getting her shot twice. he remarks that she walked away from Sonny bit Connie tells him how Kate had sex with Sonny in her office right next to the bloody dress. Johnny agrees Sonny will keep going after Anthony and him and Kate will be caught in the middle once again. Kate tells Johnny she needs him to help her. He asks “What do you want from me Connie?” She explains she needs Sonny to walk away from Kate. He asks how he is involved?

Blair(Kassie DePaiva) arrives and goes straight to her injured daughter Starr(Kristen Alderson). As Michael listens outside, Blair sorrowfully tells Starr of the accident that took the life of her little daughter Hope and her love, Cole. The car went over the cliff and exploded. Starr insists they are alive and tells Blair of the man who promised he would save them. “Where was he?” she asks. “Why didn’t he save them?” Michael is heartbroken listening to her grieving the loss of her baby, feeling the guilt he does not deserve..

Carly is arguing with Sonny about Kate and her not being there for him. Sonny defends Kate and attacks Carly for sleeping with his enemy Johnny. Michael walks up to them and cannot believe they are fighting in the midst of such tragedy. :Is Jason alright?” is his first question. They tell him he is doing fine after his operation. Sonny asks about the girl and Michael explains to Carly about Starr Manning and her loss. The thought on all of their minds is did Sonny cause this tragic accident by shooting out Anthony Zaccara’s tires?

Dante searched Kate’s office and found a gun. He questions Maxie about who was in Kate’s office in the last ten hours. She just says Kate must have been there since she practically lives there. Dante takes the gun to be checked to find who used it last. His partner questions him about the gun when he brings it to the station. He stalls  answering her, but asks her to take it to ballistics to be checked. Dante fears it is Sonny’s and he hid it in Kate’s office. Still the thought that maybe Kate used it is hanging in the air for us to contemplate since we know Kate has multiple personalities, one of which we saw today as Connie. This is another piece of the Carlivati excellence and will add a new element to GH that was missing. It will of course keep Sonny in the forefront but will give Kate a storyline of her own. Brilliant.

Maxie and Spinelli talk, she will not grieve and he is worried about her. After he leaves she has a memory just as Matt walks in…Does she remember knocking over the burner in Robin’s lab before the explosion?

Our first sight of the magnificent Todd Manning(Roger Howarth) is seen at the end as Blair trying to call him looks up and sees him standing there outside of his daughter’s hospital room.
More of the erudite, professionally excellent writing of Ron Carlivati is unfolding and will probably be the saving of General Hospital if that is at all possible.

Buckle your seatbelt’s, it is going to be a bumpy, exciting, truly entertaining ride.

General Hospital can be seen weekdays on ABC at 3PM and on Soapnet at 9PM.

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