Kristina Wagner’s ‘Felicia’ to return to Port Charles, New York in April.

Kristina Wagner will reprise her role on General Hospital this spring as Felicia Jones Scorpio. Felicia and Frisco Jones (played by Jack Wagner) were a GH ‘Supercouple’ in the 1980’s. Kristina gave birth to two daughters, Maxie and Georgie and came back for Georgie’s funeral in 2007 which led to Maxie expressing her anger at the mom who abandoned her and her uncle, Mac Scorpio..

Now with the death of Robin Scorpio and Maxie blaming herself for the death of her cousin, plud Mac taking Robin’s death especially hard, Felicia will return to face whatever her reception will be.

Kristina will return as Felicia in late April.

Also look for the return of  Kin Shriner’s , ‘Scotty Baldwin’ who is also set to return to Port Charles.


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