Will Jonathan Jackson lure soap fans back to ABC Prime Time?

The new philosophy at ABC must be women do not watch soaps during the day because they need to be taught how to cook, eat, not eat, dress and decorate their homes . At night they forget all the learning and cannot wait to tune into soaps. Not soaps on Soapnet of course, but prime time soaps that are so much more watchable.

New to the ABC line up will be Nashville. A soap about a Nashville family, their music , of course it is Nashville, and their love lives. Tempting enough to lure back the many soap fans who do not watch ABC anymore except for General Hospital? No? How about if they hire GH’s Lucky Spencer, you know Jonathan Jackson? We know he sings like a lark and has his own very popular band ‘Enation’. NO? How about Hayden Panatierre (AMC,GL, Heroes)? Eric Close(Santa Barbara)?

I wonder if any of these former soap stars will make it more palitable to watch shows on ABC. I wonder even more who the idiots are who run daytime and nightime on ABC. How can they justify adding soaps at night and canceling soaps that have aired 40 and more years. What show do you think will run 10 years? 5 years? Okay, I’ll make it easy 2 years? What show do you think will ever make it to the 40 year mark? Anyone at ABC care to hazard a guess? When you do please let us soap fans know. We will be sure to tune in and then laugh you off the air.


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NY Soap Opera Examiner

Nanci Hughes is a disabled Nursery School Teacher who who graduated from Queens College with a degree in Education. She lives on Long Island, New…



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