Dateline: Port Charles, New York. General Hospital 3/15&16/12 Robin’s Memorial. Continue reading on Dateline: Port Charles, New York. General Hospital 3/15&16/12 Robin’s Memorial. –

General Hospital’s memorial to Robin Scorpio Drake is a touching and meaningful tribute. As pictures flash on the screen above the altar we see Anna the grieving mother, normally a strong , in charge woman, she has been brought to her knees by the grief she is feeling having lost her beloved daughter. Mac, Robin’s uncle and stand in dad is trying to be strong for everyone, but the worry he is feeling for Maxie and the pain he feels watching Emma, Robin’s sweet girl is tearing him up inside.

At home Patrick is trying to find the strength to say goodbye to the love of his life. He sees Robin everywhere and she tells him he has to do this on his own. He enters the church and Emma runs to him and shows him where she placed the picture  she made for her mommy to take to heaven. The grief he holds inside is palpable and the church resonates with it. Then the sorrow turns to anger as Sonny and his constant defender, Kate, try to express their sorrow. Patrick tells Sonny he does not belong here. Between him and Jason, they brought everything that was bad into Robin’s life. Kate encourages Sonny to stay, overriding Patrick’s wishes.

Sonny then goes to Anna who is barely civil and when Sonny tells her “Robin was kinder to me than I deserved.” Anna is quick to agree.
The priest speaks about the life of Robin and Mac is then asked to speak and he remembers when he first took on the care of this wonderful little girl. Flashbacks are interspersed through the story. He speaks of her capacity for hope and love. Her strength when she was told she was HIV positive. He then tells Emma they are Scorpio’s and there is nothing they can’t get through together.

Elizabeth speaks about how good a friend Robin was. How Robin asked her to step in if anything happened to her. Elizabeth declares Robin is irreplaceable.

Sonny, of course needs to speak, needs his big moment because it affects him so deeply. Not many in the church see it that way, but he speaks of Stone and how Robin disapproved of him(Sonny) at first. He remembers how Robin lived her life to the fullest. (His eulogy went on too long, in my opinion but since this show is all about him we must accept this.) He finally leaves Robin’s family to grieve without his presence.

Anna finally speaks of Robin’s kindness and forgiveness and the flashback’s break your heart. Anna cannot take credit for the wonderful woman that was her daughter.  She thanks everyone there for all they gave to Robin and what they received from her in return. She treasures every embrace they shared and she is very ,very proud of the woman she became and the marriage she shared with Patrick. As Anna says she knows Robert would want to be there, but could not, the priest says he has a letter from Robert and he asked that Luke read it for him. Robert’s letter is full of regret, sorrow and an everlasting love. He hints at the reason he is not there, but clearly he is on a mission to save himself from the overwhelming grief he is feeling.(Nice, but Tristan Rogers should have been there!)

The priest then asks if anyone else would like to speak and after a pause, Patrick comes to the podium. He bravely tries to speak through tears and says he thought his life was complete, but then a beautiful, bossy woman proved him wrong. She made family, love and the future matter. She taught him you had to care, as she cared so much. She loved him so much and she loved their little daughter. She showed him that if you had love anything was possible. He tries to go on, but breaks down and Matt leads him back to his seat.

Just as the services are going to continue, Maxie rushes in declaring she has something to say. She walks up to the altar and Lulu and Matt try to stop her seeing the condition she is in.

 (Earlier Spinelli and Matt were worried about Maxie and when Lulu tells them Maxie is at work it is decided Spinell should go to her, since Matt must stay with Patrick. Spin finds her just after she had a meltdown as she remembered she probably caused the accident that was the cause of Robin’s death. She is living with this guilt that is tearing her up. Spin tells her she must grieve for Robin. (Jen Lilley is doing a good job of showing Maxie’s guilt, but one can only imagine how Kirsten Storms would have played it.) She insists that Spinelli should leave her alone. He insists she go to the church and honor her cousin. She tells him he was not there that last night she was at the lab or the last things she said to Robin. Spin tells her she will hate herself for the rest of her life if she does not attend the funeral. She declares everyone will hate her for what she did to Robin.)

Maxie insists and starts to speak about how good Robin was to her and how selfish she was and how she wanted Robin’s attention even though Robin was trying to save Jason’s life. Spinelli jumps up and consoles and tries to stop her from expressing the feelings she is experiencing.  She is very emotional and distraught as she tells them she killed Robin…… Shock and dismay are on the faces of Robin’s loved ones as we go to black.

The other storyline being interwoven through this sad episode is Jason and the forceful wills of Sam and Carly. Sam wants to protect him from the truth surrounding Robin’s death. Carly is convinced he should know the truth and will do anything she can to let him know. Epiphany promises Sam Carly won’t get past her, but Carly convinces an orderly to help her(thankfully we do not see how she convinces him.) and she gets into Jason’s room. He wants to know why she is dressed like a janitor and she tells him it is because Sam would not let her see him. She tells him there is something he has to know. He insists on her telling him what she snuck in to tell him. Carly wants Sam to respect her and she says it is tough on her to be kept from him. Jason cannot make her understand that Sam is the important one in his life, but he thanks her for waiting this long before barging in on him. She asks him if he wants Sam to make decisions for him? She tells him Sam has not been honest with him.

Meanwhile, Sam has barged into the doctors shower and finds Dr. Keanan naked. He is not embarrassed, but Sam is. She tells him about Carly and asks him for help keeping her away from Jason.(my disdain for hiring this unimportant character as a replacement for the real Aussie, Jasper Jacks(Ingo Rademacher) is evident every time I write about this character.

Back in his room Jason again asks Carly what she is not telling him and he asks if Robin is sick? Carly cries, she is so sorry to be telling him this. (Is she really?) She then tells him Robin is dead…..

These last few days were a fitting send off to a beloved character and the classy and intelligent way this has been done is a testament to the new head writer.

Kimberly McCullough will be missed as the smart and loving Dr. Robin Scorpio, but the talent that has returned as a part of this storyline has been a welcome breath of fresh air to a town that is usually covered in soot and slime.

General Hospital can be seen on ABC weekdays at 3pm est. It can also be seen on Soapnet at 9pm. Many stations that are now showing Soapnet will lose this station this Friday when Disney Jr.begins being shown, Check with your provider to see if you will continue to receive Soapnet.

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