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Soaps get a big thumbs up the week of 12/10-12/14


Blessings are all around us

I wonder how many people in this great big world are grateful for the simple yet magnificent things they are blessed with. With my husband Bill still recuperating form a massive stroke which has left him paralyzed on his left side I think about the blessing being healthy is. I had an operation six years ago that left me limping and in pain and I do feel sorry for myself at times. I look at people walking and running and I am envious or should I say was envious. Now I just look at them and hope they realize how lucky they are and I know how lucky I am to be able to get around on my own. Limping and pain are all because I am walking and it means so much to me. Bill fights everyday to bring back this gift. He has the certainty and the conviction to be sure of his eventually winning the fight and walking again on his own. Of going back to work and driving again. He tries not to get discouraged and even after eleven months of being in a hospital bed he still has the belief and determination in himself and his ability to accomplish what he sets his mind to.

We are preparing to bring Bill home finally and he cannot wait to be back with us in his own home. It will not be easy, there will be many hurdles to navigate and problems that will arise but we are a strong and determined family and we will overcome anything that is sent our way. The whole objective is to make Bill comfortable and happy. Kim and Brandon are helping to make the house festive and welcoming for their Dad. This is just an extension of the love and care they have been giving him since January first when Bill had the stroke. we have spent everyday since then visiting, encouraging and loving this man who has always given us the love, support and everything we have ever needed from him.

I guess what I have learned from this horrible tragedy is that anything is possible if you have the grounding and the example of loving and caring and standing beside your family. I have my parents and sister to thank for the examples and Bill and my children to share it with. I have two amazing children in Brandon and Kimberly because they exemplify all that has been handed down through the family. They love and care and support their family unconditionally and i am sure they will be rewarded for it someday. they deserve everything that is wonderful in their lives and though they may have not had a lot of luck in their lives just yet i know it is coming. whenever you have children who care more about their family than themselves only good things can be coming their way.

People may just see the shell of our family. The illness, the lack of money, unemployment. The daily struggle, the despair, the thoughts that we may never get out of an endless cycle of
bad luck’. I confess we are also questioning theses same things, But then we stop the pity party and really look at where we are.

Bill is here with us. We could have lost him eleven months ago. We could be celebrating this holiday with tears, with anger, with remorse and sorrow. instead we celebrate with smiles and happiness, with thankfulness and joy, All because of four important and glorious words. We have each other!!

It bears repeating. WE HAVE EACH OTHER !!!Image