New One Life To Live head writers create as character list grows

The new head writers of ‘One Life to Live’s’/The Online Network(TOLN), Susie Bedsow Horgan and Thom Racina and writer Jessica Klein(Beverly Hills 90210) are as we speak creating new storylines for this exciting endeavor.. On Ms Bedsow’s Facebook page you can see an outline board with the names of the beloved Llanview characters. You can see many of the favorites are now being written for.

1.) Dorian
2.) David
3.) Clint
4.) Natalie and John
5.) Dani
6.) Matthew
7.) Jack
8.) Bo
9.) Nora
10.)crossed out
11.) Tea
12.) Blair
13.) Rama
14.) Cutter
15.) Destiny
16.) Jeffrey King

We know that OLTL Erika Slezak (Viki), Jerry verDorn (Clint), Bob Woods (Bo) and Robin Strasser (Dorian) have joined the online revival.

The cast of One Life To Live will be:

Erika Slezak as Victoria Lord Buchanan

Robert S. Woods as Bo Buchanan

Robin Strasser as Dorian Lord

Jerry verDorn as Clint Buchanan

Hillary B Smith as Nora Buchanan

Kassie DePaiva as Blair Cramer

Florencia Lozano as Tea Delgado

Melissa Archer as Natalie Buchanan Banks

Tuc Watkins as David Vickers

Kelley Missal as Danielle Manning

Josh Kelly as Cutter Wentworth

Andrew Trischitta as Jack Manning

In the recurring status:

Sean Ringgold as Shaun Evans

Shenaz Treasury Rama Patel

Nick Choksi as Vimal Pateland

You can see “Jeffrey King” a new character, was described as “Black and British”. Since we know Jeff Kwatinetz wants his soaps to do edgy, ripped-from-the-headlines story seems that Matthew Buchanan and Destiny Evans who were originally played by Eddie Alderson and Shenell Edmonds, were not asked to come back and the rumor is they will be SORASED and so new actors are being sought for the roles.

Since Prospect Park is in possession of the now current General Hospital characters of Todd, Starr and John we wonder what the outcome will be for these characters .Michael Easton Roger Howarth and Kristen Alderson all have contracts with ABC Daytime and we know they want a deal to have these characters return to GH. Since they will all be written out for the time being will the actors be interested in signing on with OLTL on TOLN?

Soap viewers are waiting patiently for the debut of The Online Network and One Life to Live and All My Children and i will keep updating as the news comes out.

Thanks to Jamie Giddens of Daytime Confidential for the magnified pics of the board.

Susie Bedsow Horgan’s Facebook page photos at


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