Ron Carlivati’s and his vision of General Hospital via Port Charles

Ron Carlivati, head writer for General Hospital has started a new mystery and it is developing beautifully into a mix of new GH and the spin off Port Charles. The addition of Lucy Coe, Allison Barrington and her son Rafe are a big part of this mystery and the PC Tainted Love Vampire arc.

General Hospital fans who never had the chance to see Port Charles missed a lot and now have a chance to see what we PC lovers have been missing. Lynn Herring is a jewel in the crown of soap diva’s and will make this journey a fun ride. Bringing back her husband ‘Doc’ Kevin Collins(Jon Lindstrom) is an added delight. He is a charmer, who does not remember his involvement with the wild side of PC. His love for Lucy and the helplessness he feels at not being able to help her are heart wrenching. Allison and her son Rafe add to the mystery and Allison being the victim of…..who knows, is sad and jump starts the new story. Rafe will be left alone and in extreme danger though he does not believe it. Nor, did he believe his mother who kept him hidden to keep him safe. Rafe is Lucy Coe’s cousin, born into a ‘slayer’ family. We shall see where this fact will lead.

This wonderful swirl of General Hospital, Port Charles and One Life To Live are the idea of the mastermind of Mr. Carlivati, a true genius writer who has brought GH back to where it belongs, in the ratings as well as with the fans. This revival of the two lost soaps, in a subtle way, has brought more viewers who miss the characters they were so attached to.

Whether or not you are enjoying this influx of stars from the past, my advice is to sit back relax and give it time. Ron Carlivati will never let you down. Neither will these talented and entertaining actors. For myself, I am enjoying this immensely and cannot wait for more.

General Hospital can be seen weekdays on ABC at 2 p.m.

One Life To Live will soon be seen on The Online Network.

Port Charles can be seen on You Tube


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