Genie Francis returns to General Hospital

In an interview on Access Hollywood last night Genie Francis, the one and only Laura Webber , stated “I’m as comfortable here as I am in my own living room,” Laura is a character she has played strting on the late 1970s.

She will be returning to General Hospital exactly 50 days before the GH‘s 50th anniversary in april. she said this has special significance for one of the show’s legendary character’s. Genie was one half of the famous Luke nad Laura “Supercouple” with the other half of course being Anthony Geary. They reigned as King and Queen of soaps and the original wedding of Geary’s Luke and Genie’s Laura was viewed by 30 million viewers in 1981 and continues to be one of the most memorable soap weddings and pairings.

“I just celebrated my 50th [birthday] and now I’m here to celebrate this show’s 50th,” Genie told Access. “I’m the same age as the show. So, you know… me and ‘General Hospital’ are linked — no matter where I go or what I do in my life.”

Genie also spoke of her working with Geary again “I feel more comfortable working with Tony than really anyone,” she told Access. “We have sort of a perfect coupling. I’ve come close in other shows with other couplings but never the perfect fit that I have with Tony.

“And that’s true like with a really great friend you haven’t seen in 20 years — you get back together and it’s like you have never been apart,” she continued. “It’s essentially the same for me and Tony when we work.”

Genie follows such characters as Robert Scorpio, played by the remarkable Tristan Rogers, the adorable Wally Kurth came back to help mom Tracy Quartermaine, played by the uber talenter Jane Elliot, as her son Ned. Lucy Coe, played by the awesome Lynn Herring is back in her vampire slayer role and just arrived in Port Charles, Frisco Jones, who is played by the wonderful Jack Wagner.

Now one of the most beloved characters, Laura will be back and one wonders who she will be this time around. She has had so many ‘faces’ on GH, the young teen, the rape victim, the love torn woman in love with her rapist, the better half of the couple on the run, the devoted mother, businesswoman and the victim of insanity, all played beautifully by this magnificent actress. We know she comes home with a “secret”, now we wait until Monday when we see head writer Ron Carlivati’s vision of “Laura Webber”.

General Hospital can be seen weekdays on ABC at 2 p.m.

Twitter: Mark your calendar! @GenieFrancis will be live tweeting Monday from 2-3e. #GH50

Watch Acess Hollywood video:


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