One Life To Live’s second week online is sensational

The second week of One Life To Live brought more intrigue and more questions to the new online audience. It is still visually beautiful and so much more satisfying, especially watching it with limited commercials. Plus, the commercials are not “soap” related leaving us to feel we are in a new universe.

This week we are in Bo and Nora heaven, watching as the couple, still feisty and in love work and love their way to a new career for “DJNora”. How much fun will this be?

Revenge is being planned by Dorian against Viki and Victor against Todd, though Victor true to form is much deadlier. It seems Victor has not changed his spots, he is still as ruthless and deadly as always. Will he succeed in his attempt to kill Todd by poisoning him?

Dani’s decision to move in with Matthew and Jeffrey may be good for her, but how will it affect her mother? Tea’s emotional state is still delicate and Victor’s return has made it more so. Is Victor who he seems?

Blair’s trust in Cutter may be misplaced and how will she pay for it? Will she be able to keep ‘Shelter’ a place free of drugs and violence?

Jack seems to be in a bad state also. Is Victor a good influence on him or will it lead to trouble for Jack?

Keep watching One Life To Live on ‘The Online Network‘ on, andiTunes all week “Anytime”.


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