Will Ingo Rademacher’s charleston win him a place in DWTS finals?

Tonight the answer will be revealed. Has Ingo Rademacher made it into the finals?

Last night, Disney teen Zendaya gave a less than sparkling performance in her race car quick step. She scored 25 points, just one point more than Ingo’s Samba. Ingo is considered to be at the bottom of the pack, but Zendaya has given him a way to jump over her and make his way into the finals with the chance to perform the crazy no holds barred “free style” dance that has made heroes of those not counted in as “winners”


On the red carpet last night Ingo told Today.com  “You never know what can happen!” and Zendaya said ““Of course, I want perfect scores every time,” Zendaya said. “But that’s not going to happen. The judges are allowed to give me lower scores. It’s cool. I’m proud of the performance. Val was happy with it too.”


With the loyalty of soap fans on the line we will suggest that Ingo could very well go on to dance again. let us face facts anyone can be eliminated tonight. We have seen crazy things happen on this show so with the votes tabulated the show will go on and we will learn who will dance in the finals. Good Luck to all of the wonderful contestants and especially to our favorite soap actor Ingo Rademacher.


According to a press release about its 2013-2014 TV schedule, the network revealed that it is cutting the ballroom show down to a two-hour Monday show.

” ‘Dancing with the Stars’ will now air from 8-10 p.m. on Mondays, integrating the performance show and results show into one night and making each episode action-packed event television,” states the press release.


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