How would soaps handle the Trayvon Martin case?

How would soaps handle the Trayvon Martin case? Seeing as how soaps can tackle social problems better than real life and make people socially aware, I wondered how they would present this horrific tragedy.

Of all of the soaps, I think General Hospital would be the most realistic. GH has no problems shooting down interlopers especially as Sonny Corinthos sees them. There would be a trial.  It would not take as long because justice is rare in Port Charles.

Would the citizens of PC find Mr Zimmerman not guilty? Probably. The problem would be that they are so used to everyone getting away with murder in this small town that they might just repeat the mistake over and over. Carly and Brit would be on the jury with Ava Jerome and they would browbeat the other jurors into a not guilty plea. Of course, Diane would be the defense attorney. Justice does not prevail in Port Charles.

Days Of Our Lives would also have a problem bringing the guilty to justice, but there would be citizens in Salem who believe in justice and would fight for the truth to come out and with people like Abe Carver, Roman Brady and John Black Trayfon’s family would have more than a little faith that their son would receive justice one way or the other. There would be a fight to find all of the evidence they could and this would be used to prove whether or not Trayvon attacked George Zimmerman in self defense or that he was shot because Mr Zimmerman feared for his life. Jennifer,  Abby, Mrs Brady and Nicole would be on the jury and Mrs B would bring sense to  the jury room. Would the fact that Zimmerman started this whole travesty have any affect on the case? I am sure it would

Bold and the Beautiful would not touch this. They live with rose colored glasses on and LaLaLand is their playground The story of the month would be who is sleeping with who.

The Young and the Restless would probably handle this best. They have a Black American community and they live comfortably together. Michael Baldwin and Paul Williams would be right on it and  the citizens of Genoa City are much more evolved. The jury might have people who could overlook the color of Travyon’s skin and see he was just a teenager walking home, who was followed and attacked by a white man who thought he was God. Maybe Leslie would be on the prosecution and Lily on the jury. Perhaps Victoria and Abby would also be women jurors. How do you think they would feel about this? My money would be on the jury finding Mr. Zimmerman guilty of manslaughter and he would go to jail for taking the life of a young innocent teen.

These are just my thoughts on a case that has made all Americans stop and think.  It is a think piece and I hope everyone who reads this sees it for what it is.


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