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Can soap fans take some of the credit for Oprah’s almost breakdown?

Hmmm, Oprah Winfrey almost suffered a nervous breakdown in 2012. “While filming Lee Daniels’ The Butler last year, Winfrey was in the midst of trying to revitalize her “struggling” TV channel, OWN”.

Was that around the time she refused to help soaps? Wasn’t that the time soap fans stopped watching Ms. Winfrey? The loyal fans who watched her show after watching their soaps. Is that the time soap fans boycotted OWN and Oprah “felt the wrath of the soap fan”?

This is another example of the power of the soap fan. A sad example, but still an example. If soap fans do not back your show you will very likely fail. Anyone remember “Revolution”? No, there is the proof. KKKKatie how is your show doing?

ABC ready to yell uncle yet? Probably not, bean counters cannot see anything beyond beans.

This also explains why Oprah took on ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life To Live’. Why she took Tyler Perry’s “The Have and Have Nots” a PrimeTime soap. A really good one also. Tyler Perry is a big part of OWN’s turn around, but so are soap fans. Many are pleading with Oprah to keep the soaps on ‘OWN’. Reminds me of my life from 2010 til 2012 as I and many fans tried to convince Ms O to help “save the soaps”. This time she should plead with the soap fans to continue watching her ‘OWN’ network. Until then we will watch ‘All My Children’ on TOLN and hope that ‘One Life To Live’ still has life left to it..

Soap watchers everywhere stay strong. The power is in your hands . That has been proven over and over again. Congratulations!


‘As The World Turns’ Martha Byrne in ‘Crisis’

'As The World Turns' Martha Byrne in 'Crisis'.

The beautiful, Emmy Award winning Martha Byrne will be in Crisis in 2014. No don’t worry she will be fine, more than fine since she will appear in the mid season replacement “Crisis” a new Prime time drama on NBC, set to air next year.

The show is described as a political thriller and will be starring Gillian Anderson, Dermot Mulroney, Lance Gross, and Rachael Taylor. Crisis’ official web site asks the question no parent would want to have to answer. “How far would you go and what would you become to ensure your child’s safe return?”

Ms. Byrne tweeted her good news! Martha stated, “I will be on CRISIS On NBC this season…yahooo Great role…DETAILS coming!!! Let me know you support the show #Crisis #NBC “ She later tweeted t “I will be joining CRISIS this season…Here is the trailer. Have to pack!”

Ms. Byrne who played Lily Snyder on ‘As The World Turns’ from 1985-2008 and also appeared on General Hospital. The multi-talented Ms. Byrne also had her own web series which she wrote, directed and produced called “Gotham”

We wish Martha all the best and hope this show will be a big success. It should be since it will have one of the very best in the soap opera world appearing in it

Soap actors lead the way on ‘Dancing With The Stars’




Last night’s ‘Dancing With The Stars‘ proved that soap actors can dance. Though it was not mentioned that Corbin Bleu and “Snookole” are both in One Life to Live and Brant Daugherty from Days Of Our Lives and Pretty Little Liars, fans of soaps recognized them and are cheering them on.

Brant started the show and proved he could dance to a very sexy Cha Cha number. Smooth and sweet he smiled his way through with Peta Murgatroyd, his partner, who could not stop flirting with him. Can you blame her? They scored 22 points.

Corbin proved himself to be close to pro status as he danced a beautiful Contemporary number with Karina Smirnoff who admitted she was nervous because this was her first ever Contemporary dance to choreograph. She was complimented on how very good it was and Corbin, getting all eights was deemed “the one to bea”t.

Snooki, who wanted to be called Nicole(Polizzi) since she “had a child and grew up”, but settled for “Snookole” and Sasha danced a very short, no pun intended, Cha Cha that looked really “Well done” according to Top judge Len, scored a 23.

The surprise of the night came from “Glee” star Amber Rileywho danced a phenomenal Cha Cha with Derek Hough and scored an impressive 27, the high score for the night. She was called the “Tigress” and was supported by many of her “Glee” family.

The most emotional part of the show came with Valerie Harper who, fighting cancer and eight months ago was given three months to live, was given a well deserved standing ovation and so much love from the crowd as well as the dancers. Inspirational, lovely and courageous she danced a beautifulFox Trot with Tristan McManus. She scored a 21, but the crowd gave her a ten.

Time will tell who the front runners will be but it looks like a dance off between Amber and Corbin. Good Luck to all pf the dancers.

Dancing with the Stars will be seen one night a week this season on Monday’s from 8 to 10 p. m. on ABC.