Soapnet show the lost soaps and gain viewers

Soapnet show the lost soaps and gain viewers.

Seeing as how Soapnet is still thriving due to the increased interest in soaps the idea has occurred to me that they should bring back the lost soaps instead of showing the teen soaps over and over again. Not that I did not enjoy One Tree Hill and Beverly Hills 90210, etc. really they have been played out a long time ago and it is time to resurrect lost soaps to the soap fans who miss them.

‘Port Charles’ which was well before it’s time and is current still today with the Twilight series and Vampire Diaries, the new Originals, Witches of East End and numerable shows on cable
it is time to bring back Caleb Morley, etal and Doc and Lucy etc.

We know ABC has ‘Another World’ in their back pockets and how great would it be to see Felicia and Cass and Victoria and all of the much missed characters of this stellar soap.

Ryan’s Hope fans would surely tune in to see their favorite Ryan. Maeve and Johnny, Mary and Frank. So many beloved characters that are still relevant in today’s culture.

This would be a great way for Soapnet to gain more followers, especially since it lost ‘The Young and the Restless’ and is now showing only two soaps, ‘General Hospital’ and ‘Days of our Lives.

Other much missed soaps are ‘Search for Tomorrow’, ‘The Edge of Night’, ‘The Doctors’, ‘Loving’, Santa Barbara, Generations and more. I do not mention ‘Guiding Light’ and ‘As the World Turns’ only because they are P&G soaps and so will not be shown on ABC.

These are some of the thoughts going through my head at 3 a.m. and may also be in the heads of thousands of soap fans, so take note Soapnet. you could be wildly popular again given a few changes.

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