General Hospital ‘A Comedy of Errors’

I have been a firm supporter of the duo, Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati for years. Their excellence as Producer and Writer for ‘One Life To Live’, though never recognized by the Emmy’s, was far above the others. They led OLTL to number two in the ratings right before it was canceled.

Now ‘General Hospital‘ is up in the ratings and I wonder why? To my mind it is becoming GH Comedy Hour. Just think about the last few days. Anna and Anna(evil doctor) fighting in the hall of what is supposed to be a maximum security prison. The only problem is there is only one guard and he is totally confused and quite worthless. Anna(evil doctor) walks in shows some type of identification and is brought to the visitors room, where there is no guard, just Faison(evil genius) who is madly in love with Anna and immediately confesses that Robin is alive. Anna(evil doctor) rips off her mask and snarls for twenty minutes, then promises Faison(who could have walked out of the prison right then), that she would help him escape.

Meanwhile, Anna(good commissioner) is out in the hall trying to make ‘dumbguardin’ understand that she is Anna Devane. He does not try to figure out what is happening in this maximum security prison, just argues with Anna(good commish) that she is already visiting Faison. This leads to the first comedy when Anna(good commish) faces Anna(evil doctor) and they take the gun away from “dumguardin” and fight(three stooges style) and finally Anna(good commish) knocks out Anna(evil doctor). Only she does not tie her up or worry that she will awaken, she turns her back on her to plead with Faison(evil genius) who walked right out of the room in the maximum security prison, to tell her about Robin. Actually, I was waiting for the “Joker” or the “Penquin” to come into the hall. “Bang” “Splat” “hehe” “waddle”. BATMAN! dodudodudodudoddu “Batman”. It didn’t happen, but would have added to the comedy when Anna(evil doctor) gets up and knocks Anna(good commish) out cold. Should I keel her or do I leave her on ze floor?

Now to Luke(dead man walking) and Tracy who takes away the serum from Jerry(evil Jax brother) Luke shoots him in the shoulder and they just leave him in the room, untied and ungagged with just a chair to keep him in the room. Huh? ddodudodudodudodu, Batman! This is how they leave a madman criminal?

Robin gets hold of a phone and in this room that is sealed and locked tight she manages to get a signal on the cell.( I want her cell phone company, cause I can’ get a signal from my bedroom). But, needless to say she gets through to Patrick. As we hold our breaths waiting for Patrick to hear, she tells him she is alive, held by Jerry(evil Jax brother). Not where she is, and then loses the signal. Patrick who looks shell shocked lets (ditzy nurse) Sabrina, waste his precious time trying to get to PCPD to have the call traced, while she gives him her thoughts on why it was not Robin “It was somebody calling to wish Robin Happy Birthday” What??
She had just been gossiping with the other (ditzy nurse). Who the hell are these people anyway and why should I care about a word they say?

Prince Nikolai(the handsome) sits in his mausoleum and comforts Britta, for what seems like weeks. They brought him back to hold the Britch’s hand.What? We know she is not the mother of the child she is so worried about. No, she carried Lulu and Dante’s baby while Maxie carried her own. What?

Now to the biggest comedy of all. Sonny(mob boss) who just cannot get up enough steam to act like a mob boss. We know that since the mob fans were so upset with the lack of violence that RC decided to write ‘gangdum’ style. They brought Julian(bad publisher) and Ava(bad vamp) Jerome back to PC and though Shawn(bad enforcer) told him that dead Jerome was behind blowing up his shipment, Sonny did not believe him and just cannot rouse himself up enough to fight the dead guy. I am not sure if it is the writing or if Maurice Benard is tired of acting , but it is just not there. Shawn(bad enforcer) and Max(whereisMax?) cannot fill Jason’s left shoe and are just bumbling bad guys.

Now I may be exaggerating, (only a little), but I am disenchanted with the whole show. The only happy occurrence has been that Robert(SuperSpy!) is back. Otherwise it is just a mess to me and seeing Carly drool over Franko(reallyTodd) and Ava having sex with the (snottykid) is not pleasant to watch.

All in all it seems like Port Charles is now Port Charlie(Funnytown) and I am not happy with it.

How do you the GH fans feel about the writing lately and the addition of (unGH) related characters?

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