Dancing With The Stars judging unfair?

Dancing With The Stars has been on fire with some of the best dancers yet. The beautiful Elizabeth Berkley Lauren is a wonderful dancer, looking so professional and well deserves a 30 score. Brant Daugherty gave a solid performance and looked amazing. Leah Remini really did well tonight and Nicole Polizzi also did well, though her dance was quite simple compared to the others. Jack Osbourne did not dance as well to Latin as he has in Ballroom, but gave a respectable performance. All of these performers were treated fairly and some were overrated, especially Bill Engval who appears to be a favorite of the judges.

Now to the two best dancers on the show Corbin Bleuand Amber Riley. The judges find more fault with them than any of the other dancers and tonight they were overly critical of these two who gave stellar performances.

Corbin gave a splendid Viennese Waltz to the Game of Thrones theme song. It was so well done and Karina did a beautiful job on the choreography, but once again Len found too much wrong with this fantastic performance. When replaying his comments for the other stars you could see his unfairness quite clearly.

Amber and Derek were too hot to handle and looked like perfection to me, but nasty comments were heard from Len again. Just not right when quite clearly Derek choreographed to Len’s stringent rules. What gives Len? Maybe you are too old to judge the young and talented on the show.

Whatever the case may be one hopes that all of their fans will rally behind them and keep them in the competition. After Christina Milan’s exit last week it is certain anyone can go at anytime.

Dancing With the Stars can be seen on Monday nights on ABC at 8 p.m./est.

DWTS stars

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