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General Hospital ‘A Comedy of Errors’

I have been a firm supporter of the duo, Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati for years. Their excellence as Producer and Writer for ‘One Life To Live’, though never recognized by the Emmy’s, was far above the others. They led OLTL to number two in the ratings right before it was canceled.

Now ‘General Hospital‘ is up in the ratings and I wonder why? To my mind it is becoming GH Comedy Hour. Just think about the last few days. Anna and Anna(evil doctor) fighting in the hall of what is supposed to be a maximum security prison. The only problem is there is only one guard and he is totally confused and quite worthless. Anna(evil doctor) walks in shows some type of identification and is brought to the visitors room, where there is no guard, just Faison(evil genius) who is madly in love with Anna and immediately confesses that Robin is alive. Anna(evil doctor) rips off her mask and snarls for twenty minutes, then promises Faison(who could have walked out of the prison right then), that she would help him escape.

Meanwhile, Anna(good commissioner) is out in the hall trying to make ‘dumbguardin’ understand that she is Anna Devane. He does not try to figure out what is happening in this maximum security prison, just argues with Anna(good commish) that she is already visiting Faison. This leads to the first comedy when Anna(good commish) faces Anna(evil doctor) and they take the gun away from “dumguardin” and fight(three stooges style) and finally Anna(good commish) knocks out Anna(evil doctor). Only she does not tie her up or worry that she will awaken, she turns her back on her to plead with Faison(evil genius) who walked right out of the room in the maximum security prison, to tell her about Robin. Actually, I was waiting for the “Joker” or the “Penquin” to come into the hall. “Bang” “Splat” “hehe” “waddle”. BATMAN! dodudodudodudoddu “Batman”. It didn’t happen, but would have added to the comedy when Anna(evil doctor) gets up and knocks Anna(good commish) out cold. Should I keel her or do I leave her on ze floor?

Now to Luke(dead man walking) and Tracy who takes away the serum from Jerry(evil Jax brother) Luke shoots him in the shoulder and they just leave him in the room, untied and ungagged with just a chair to keep him in the room. Huh? ddodudodudodudodu, Batman! This is how they leave a madman criminal?

Robin gets hold of a phone and in this room that is sealed and locked tight she manages to get a signal on the cell.( I want her cell phone company, cause I can’ get a signal from my bedroom). But, needless to say she gets through to Patrick. As we hold our breaths waiting for Patrick to hear, she tells him she is alive, held by Jerry(evil Jax brother). Not where she is, and then loses the signal. Patrick who looks shell shocked lets (ditzy nurse) Sabrina, waste his precious time trying to get to PCPD to have the call traced, while she gives him her thoughts on why it was not Robin “It was somebody calling to wish Robin Happy Birthday” What??
She had just been gossiping with the other (ditzy nurse). Who the hell are these people anyway and why should I care about a word they say?

Prince Nikolai(the handsome) sits in his mausoleum and comforts Britta, for what seems like weeks. They brought him back to hold the Britch’s hand.What? We know she is not the mother of the child she is so worried about. No, she carried Lulu and Dante’s baby while Maxie carried her own. What?

Now to the biggest comedy of all. Sonny(mob boss) who just cannot get up enough steam to act like a mob boss. We know that since the mob fans were so upset with the lack of violence that RC decided to write ‘gangdum’ style. They brought Julian(bad publisher) and Ava(bad vamp) Jerome back to PC and though Shawn(bad enforcer) told him that dead Jerome was behind blowing up his shipment, Sonny did not believe him and just cannot rouse himself up enough to fight the dead guy. I am not sure if it is the writing or if Maurice Benard is tired of acting , but it is just not there. Shawn(bad enforcer) and Max(whereisMax?) cannot fill Jason’s left shoe and are just bumbling bad guys.

Now I may be exaggerating, (only a little), but I am disenchanted with the whole show. The only happy occurrence has been that Robert(SuperSpy!) is back. Otherwise it is just a mess to me and seeing Carly drool over Franko(reallyTodd) and Ava having sex with the (snottykid) is not pleasant to watch.

All in all it seems like Port Charles is now Port Charlie(Funnytown) and I am not happy with it.

How do you the GH fans feel about the writing lately and the addition of (unGH) related characters?


How will you, the fans, feel about Delia dying on The Young and the Restless?

How will you, the fans, feel about Delia dying on The Young and the Restless?.

Soap fans have had to deal with children dying in their soaps for 50 years or more and though it is heart wrenching and takes a long time to accept, they do because of the story lines that evolve from these incidents.

The Young and the Restless is in the midst of this type of story involving one of the best actors
in daytime, Billy Miller, who plays Billy Abbott. His sweet daughter who has just played the ‘Wicked Witch of the West’ in a school play is lying in the street after being hit by a car. Billy was bringing Delia and her dog home from the play. He had to stop for ice cream for their celebration and Billy leaves Delia in the car while he runs in to get the ice cream. Dash who has stopped twice to relieve himself barks to be let out again Delia opens the car door and Dash, dashes into the road. Of course, Delia runs after him and catches him on the side of the road.

Adam is driving very fast on this same road. All he can think of is his son who needs corneal transplants. When Dash runs into the road Adam swerves to avoid him, right into where Delia was sitting. Adam gets out of the car, sees that the dog is okay and drives off not knowing he has hit this adorable little girl.

The premise is being set, Delia dies and Billy and Chloe must decide whether or not they will donate Delias eyes to save baby Conner. Will they find out it was Adam driving the car that hit Delia? Will Delia be killed off, just as BJ’s heart was donated to save Maie on General Hospital?

How do you, the fans feel about this type of plot on the soaps to facilitate more story? Please let me know as we wait over the weekend to see how this all will play out.

The Young and the Restless can be seen weekdays on CBS at 12:30 p.m.

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Help end bullying bu bidding on a walk on role on General Hospital




How would you like a walk on role on General Hospital or Modern Family? A chance to share a meal with Julia Roberts? If you go to and place a bid you might be a lucky winner in more ways than one.

GLSEN the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, is holding an online charity auction to bring attention and support to their wonderful efforts to ensure every LGBTstudent receives a quality education free from the devastating effects of bullying from Kindergarten through High School.

This is a major problem in this country and any light that can be shone on it is a welcome and important step in ending suicides brought on by bullying.

A line up of the many prizes you can bid on includes:

Lunch with Academy/Golden Globe Award-winning actress Julia Roberts and Fandango’s Dave Karger at the exclusive Soho House West Hollywood
2 tickets to the Los Angeles Premiere and After Party for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
2 tickets to the 2014 Oscar Party in West Hollywood hosted by Sir Elton John and David Furnish
Make your TV debut in a Modern Family walk-on role
Enjoy an extra role in the final season of True Blood
Saving Mr. Bank’s pre-release private screening for 25 at the HIstoric Disney Lot.
Tour the Radio Disney Studios, sit-in on a live broadcast and meet a Radio Disney star at a “Take Over”
Enjoy a walk-on role on ABC’s General Hospital
2 VIP passes to the ESPN Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado on January 23-26
4 tickets to the Season 17 finale of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars on November 26 in Los Angeles
4 tickets to the Radio Disney Music Awards with Pre-Show Celebrity Lounge and After Party access on April 26 in Los Angeles
Behind-the-scenes tour and lunch for 2 at KABC7 Los Angeles
Audition in Los Angeles with April Webster, Casting Director of Star Trek Into Darkness
Fine art dog photography session with award-winning photographer Jesse Freidin

“The GLSEN Respect Awards held annually in New York and Los Angeles, showcase the work of corporations, individuals, students and educators who have made a significant difference in the areas of diversity, inclusion and the safe schools movement, and who serve as exemplary role models”.

So please help save a life and help to ensure a world without the prejudice and harm caused by bullying. Support this amazing and influential organization today.

Auction bids will be accepted online until October 30 at:

Soapnet show the lost soaps and gain viewers

Soapnet show the lost soaps and gain viewers.

Seeing as how Soapnet is still thriving due to the increased interest in soaps the idea has occurred to me that they should bring back the lost soaps instead of showing the teen soaps over and over again. Not that I did not enjoy One Tree Hill and Beverly Hills 90210, etc. really they have been played out a long time ago and it is time to resurrect lost soaps to the soap fans who miss them.

‘Port Charles’ which was well before it’s time and is current still today with the Twilight series and Vampire Diaries, the new Originals, Witches of East End and numerable shows on cable
it is time to bring back Caleb Morley, etal and Doc and Lucy etc.

We know ABC has ‘Another World’ in their back pockets and how great would it be to see Felicia and Cass and Victoria and all of the much missed characters of this stellar soap.

Ryan’s Hope fans would surely tune in to see their favorite Ryan. Maeve and Johnny, Mary and Frank. So many beloved characters that are still relevant in today’s culture.

This would be a great way for Soapnet to gain more followers, especially since it lost ‘The Young and the Restless’ and is now showing only two soaps, ‘General Hospital’ and ‘Days of our Lives.

Other much missed soaps are ‘Search for Tomorrow’, ‘The Edge of Night’, ‘The Doctors’, ‘Loving’, Santa Barbara, Generations and more. I do not mention ‘Guiding Light’ and ‘As the World Turns’ only because they are P&G soaps and so will not be shown on ABC.

These are some of the thoughts going through my head at 3 a.m. and may also be in the heads of thousands of soap fans, so take note Soapnet. you could be wildly popular again given a few changes.

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Help my husband Bill please

Wheelchair for dad, more than mobility

Raised: $115.00
Goal: $20,000.00


Created by

Kimberly Hughes

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This is my dad, Bill Hughes, on Christmas Day 2011 with my mom. Exactly one week before a stroke changed his life, our family’s lives and all of his friends, co-workers and extended fami… more






Created by Kimberly Hughes on October 5, 2013


This is my dad, Bill Hughes, on Christmas Day 2011 with my mom. Exactly one week before a stroke changed his life, our family’s lives and all of his friends, co-workers and extended families lives. 
My dad is one of the most amazing men that has ever graced the planet. He has incredible strength, inside and out….just ask me about the time he held up a Ferris wheel at our local bazaar or the time he was hit by 2 cars only to walk away with scratches and a few missing teeth!! 

A massive stroke has left my dad paralyzed on his entire left side. He currently has a rented manual wheelchair, which he cannot operate himself, as you cannot really do so with one hand. His doctors, along with physical and occupational therapists have put into insurance for an electric wheelchair for him. This will be an amazing life improvement for him! To be able to sit for more than a few minutes comfortably in the chair, to be able to operate it with a joystick- not only driving it but adjusting himself/the back of the chair/the legs of the chair!

An electric wheelchair means so much more than mobility for dad, it means giving him a piece of his independence back, it gives him the means to not only exist it means giving him some of his life back.

My dad has worked hard his entire life to take care of his family, working 3 jobs for many of his years. As a young man growing up in Jackson Heights he worked hard to help out his family. He enlisted in the Army and served most of his time in the midwest. When he got home he met and promptly fell in love with my amazing mom, they married and he worked hard to create a home in Richmond Hill and provide for me and my younger brother Brandon. Growing up my dad coached our sports teams, volunteered at our parish, St Mary Gate of Heaven, doing everything from running basketball and CYO, to managing stage productions, to refereeing to painting the schools fences. 

I didn’t really understand it at the time but when I was in 8th grade, the year I was graduating from Gate of Heaven, he had lost his job but he and my mom managed somehow to scrounge the money together to not only give me an amazing graduation party but to put up and feed most of my graduating class through the entire following summer before sending me to one of the best Catholic High Schools around, St Francis Prep. 

This didn’t stop with us getting older. He continued to work hard and do his best to give us everything he could. He worked 2 jobs and umpired baseball on the weekends for over a decade to move us out of Queens and into a nice home in Long Island to give us a better life. He was working his ass off in his company for the last 2 decades – he was diagnosed with colon and kidney cancer in 2007 and had an operation to remove a piece of the colon and one of his kidneys and suffered a massive heart attack a few days after the operation. An unreachable cancerous lymph node remained and he began chemo, but was back to work within a months time. A few years later taking on management of an entire other building after the loss of a colleague all while still on chemo meds- walking 49 floors a night, 5 nights a week (sometimes 6) and umpiring in 2 leagues on his free time up until…

New Years Day 2012, dad had a massive stroke. Thank God my brother was watching football with him and I knew the signs, we got him to the hospital within 20 minutes of the first indicator. Even as quick as we were, the massiveness of the stroke and the swelling of the brain for days led all of the doctors to believe he would not make it and if he did he would be a vegetable. Believing in him, and not the doctors, had us do the opposite of what everyone thought we should and thanks to his strong will, our belief in him and all of our family & friends strong prayers he fought his way back to us. He has managed to keep his sense of humor and does his best to keep fighting everyday.

He spent 2 months in the hospital and a year following in rehab and is now home with us these past 8 months and it is an incredible gift I try never to take advantage of. He is paralyzed on his left side and despite insurance consistently shutting down his physical therapy just as he is making progress, he has been able to gain a little movement in his leg and arm! This is an incredible achievement, but still does not give him any kind of independence. He needs constant care and help.

An electric wheelchair with the specifications needed for someone who is paralyzed and has the health issues that come with it is extremely expensive – think ‘more than a luxury car’ expensive. While insurance covers a huge part of that (and we are extremely grateful!) it does not cover all of it and we need to come up with thousands upon thousands of dollars. It is worth every penny and more to be able to give my dad some of his life back, but the financial toll these past years have taken on our family as a whole leads us to reach out and rely on the generosity of the village if you will, and to ask for your help and your support. It is not easy for us to ask for help, as we would always prefer to be giving help, support and comfort- but this is crucial.

Please if it is in your power to do so, no amount is too small. Help us give him this essential tool for his physical, mental and emotional well being. Please share this with others, possibly whose lives he may have touched. The enhancement your help will make on his life and his quality of life is immeasurable. 

I, my dad, and our entire family thank you from the bottom of our hearts just for taking the time to read this. We thank you for all your continued support, thoughts and prayers throughout these years