Ratings soar for General Hospital as Frank Valentini takes it in stride

November 8, 2013



General Hospital has something to shout about. Two of its major storylines, Robin’s (Kimberly McCullough) return and Maxie (Kirsten Storm) and Spinelli’s (Bradford Anderson) baby, in the Monday, October 28th episode gave GH it’s most watched episode in over three and a half years, 3.16 million viewers!

An ABC press release for the week of October 28th through November 1st: “Monday’s telecast which revolved around Robin learning of Patrick’s engagement and Maxie’s frantic preparation for her baby’s return – stood also as its second-most-watched telecast in over two years in Women 18-49 (857,000/1.3 rating) and two and a half years in Women 25-54 (1.13 million/1.9 rating) – since 8/15/11 and 3/25/11, accordingly.”

It also gained viewers for the fourth consecutive week, for a 10 month high (2.91 million – since 1/21/13),
We know that GH has been getting great storylines and everyone is waiting for Robin and Patrick to be reunited.

In two very different statements from Frank Valentini, Executive Producer of GH, back then “ We were all worried and we had a right to be worried. The show was in a very dark place and Ron and I managed to come and shake it up.” and now, “I think we’re really hitting our stride right now and that’s a much more comfortable pace from which to operate, but there’s never really any relaxing.”

With the ratings fans have a sign of hope for GH “Vicki Drummer, Executive Vice President of ABC Media Group and Primetime Current Series, is very happy with the direction of the show. She stated:
“Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati have done extraordinary work on ‘GH’ and have really turned the show around.”

General Hospital can be seen weekdays on ABC at 2 p.m. est


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