ABC schemed in a quest for a “mega soap.” declares Prospect Park

With many tweets from ‘All My Children’ actors saying it has been canceled once again by Prospect Park, we now find that the multi-million dollar breach of contract lawsuit against ABC, alleging that the network sabotaged its plans to relaunch All My Children and One Life to Live is growing and Prospect Park has amended its complaint in its multi-million dollar lawsuit against ABC. The lawsuit accuses ABC of undermining Prospect Park’s attempts to relaunch All My Children and One Life to Live as web-based programs, and seeks more than $95 million in damages for breach of contract and promissory fraud.

Prospect Park alleges that ABC, “began unilaterally changing key storylines and themes, literally killing some OLTL characters and deeply integrating others into the GH landscape,” plus hiring two key executives from One Life to Live to create a mega soap of General Hospital without Prospect Park’s knowledge. In addition, the lawsuit claims that ABC signed OLTL actors to long term contracts secretively behind Prospect Park’s back! Prospect Park adds that it has tried its best to salvage OLTL, but ABC blocked it at every turn by refusing to run advertisements, by enlisting third parties like Hulu to back away from making any assistance, by keeping its actors away from talk shows like Good Morning America and The View. Prospect Park is relating in their lawsuit they lost $30 million in investment, as well as profits it could have made had ABC acted as “the partner it made itself out to be.”

“On Wednesday, the plaintiff filed a new amended complaint with more details of ABC’s alleged fraud and a demand for more than $95 million in damages. According to the latest court papers, ABC schemed in a quest for a “mega soap.”

Read the full lawsuit here


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