November Sweeps are more sweeping this year

November Sweeps have been on fire this year with some very illuminating storylines.

#1 The Young and the Restless in the midst of the “Who killed Delia” very controversial story has given it’s uber talented cast some Emmy worthy story.

Billy Miller, who will be leaving Y&R and will last be seen in January, has been giving his most heart wrenching scenes as Delia’s heartbroken, guilt filled father who left her in the car while he went in the store for ice cream where she was killed by a hit and run driver. His rage at the driver is sending him down a dark road. One wonders how David Tom can ever step back into these very big shoes.

Michael Muhney’s, Adam Newman, the hit and run driver who accidentally killed Delia, is acting his heart out as the guilt ridden and tormented man who did not know Delia was there. He swerved and stopped because Delia’s dog was in the road. He did not know about Delia until the next day and then with his bad reputation it was too late.

Elizabeth Hendrikson as Delia’s mom Chloe has acted the daylights out of this storyline. She is so fragile and we wait for her to just crumble in each scene she appears in. Her looking in Conner’s eyes is devastating to watch.

Amelia Heinle, Billy’s wife Victoria has been excellent in playing the grieving stepmom and helpless wife as she watches her husband spiral out of control and shut his baby boy out of his life.

#2 Days of our Lives has been unbelievable with Kristen drugging and seducing Eric who ends up blaming Nicole while EJ kept the secret from Sami and the whole church had to watch the sex tape during Brady and Kristen’ wedding from hell and Marlena was fooled into playing the tape at the wedding. Whew what a sweeps storyline.

Add to this Jen loves Daniel but her son JJ doesn’t until Daniel gets him out of trouble after he helps……overdose. \

Will, Sonny and Gabi living happily together with baby Arianna until Nick decides Gabi should be a model in NYC and somehow gets her a huge contract deal and now she is going to take the baby and leave Will and Sonny behind. What?

#3 General Hospital with the Maxie, Spinelli, Lulu, Dante baby battle and the terrible consequences brought about by it. Stellar!

Bringing the Jerome family back to go up against the reigning mobster Sonny Corinthos was a good way of bringing the mob wars back to Port Charles. Ava is a snake and Julian seductive but deadly. On Guard Mr. Corinthos!

The return of Robin who has changed so much she thinks nothing of endangering her mother and father’s lives numerous times while trying to stop Patrick from marrying Sabrina.

The return of the ‘Super Duo’ Robert and Anna, oh wait, that didn’t work out the way it should have. Not so super with them ridiculously locked in the lab.

Herr nutso and Frau cookoo holding Duke in the tunnels while terrifying Britta, Nick, Robin and baby Ben.

AJ’s trial is just warming up but, it is frustrating that no one has thought about the fact that AJ is not the only one with those initials. PCPD at it’s finest. With the help of AJ’s loved ones he is surely going to be hanged. Elizabeth has turned into the pariah of PC with her negative testimonies. Diane had better work harder on this case than she did for Maxie or her Prada bags and Louboutin shoes will turn into Payless really quickly.

Todd, er, I mean Franco the love child of Heather and Scotty. Rewrite history much Mr Carlivati?
While I may find fault most fans are thrilled with the show and so it is gaining fans quite exponentially. Congrats GH

Congrats to the three soaps I have rated from one to three.Image


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