‘Person of Interest’ shocker

This may be out of the soap opera genre but tonights Person of Interest was so shocking I had to write about it. This show is so well written and acted and it is because of the actors who bring it to life every week.

Jim Caviezal is so mesmerizing as Mr. Reese and he brings his A game every week. Michael Emerson is also so excellent as the computer frankenstein creator Mr Finch. Together they make a winning team,

Taraji P Henson as Josslyn Carter is a detective every cop should try to emulate. believing in justice above all things she fights her own battles that often coincide with Reese and Finch. The three make a formidable team.

Tonight we were fooled into believing her partner would be killed, but in the end Joss was murdered by a rogue cop. After she brought the man who had her friend killed to justice one of his partners killed her and shot Reese also. Her death came hours after she and Reese shared their first kiss. A kiss that had been building for the past year.

Shockingly sad, we know Reese and Finch will work together to bring her killer down and we will cheer them on.

Person of Interest can be seen Tuesday nights on CBS at 9 p.m. est


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