This Monday night on TVGN one of the soaps biggest supporters, Jim Romanovich will have his documentary “Who Shot the Daytime Soap” shown at 8./7, with a sneak preview earlier the same day at 2/1c .

Mr. Romanovich helmed the Daytime Emmy’s for three years from 2009 through 2011 and is a big part of the Hollywood Christmas Parade which always has many soap actors as part of this wonderful Holiday event. He is also President of Worldwide Media at Associated Television International.

In this documentary Jim interviewed 40 soap vets including SusanLucci and Alicia Minshew (All My Children), Tristan Rogers, Jacklyn Zeman, William deVry, Sean Kanan and Robin Mattson (General Hospital), Linda Dano (Another World), Judi Evans and Wally Kurth (Days of Our Lives), Crystal Chappell (Venice), Kristoff St. John (The Young and the Restless) and Kathryn Leigh Scott (Dark Shadows). You’ll also hear from ex-soap execs Wendy Riche (GH), Julie Carruthers (AMC) and Maria Arena Bell (Y&R).

Asked his goal he responded to Michael Logan of TV Guide who interviewed him “ The networks have to keep up the enthusiasm they’re now showing for their soaps. They have to embrace these shows and protect them. They are doing that beautifully over at CBS right now, under [daytime chief] Angelica McDaniel. There is a lot of renewed interest at ABC for GH. And Days at NBC! Talk about the Phoenix rising from the ashes…no pun intended! “

When asked about the ‘noirish’ feel to the show Jim explained. “We made a conscious effort to give it a real retro feel. The graphics are very Jimmy Cagney gangster-style. The music is very Peter Gunn. The reason for that is that there was not a single shooter. The soaps were shot at in a tommy-gun assault,”

Every true soap fan should tune in to this soap affirming show and see just how the soaps, Guiding Light, As The World Turns, All My Children and One Life To Live were so quickly shot down and why the soaps are experiencing such a resurgence in popularity.

Read the whole interview here and watch the teaser here.

Thank you Mr. Romanovich for your constant support of the soaps and Michael Logan who is the best at bringing soap stories to light.


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