Michael Muhney let go from Y&R. What?

I have to say I am still stunned by the news that Jill Farren Phelps has let the magnificent actor Michael Muhney go. I have waited a whole day because knowing Mr.Muhney’s sense of humor I hoped it was all a big joke. It has to be a joke. Why would anyone who wants the show to stay at number one , let him go? He has carried this storyline and others with his incredible talent and after losing Michelle Stafford and Billy Miller and sorrowfully Jeanne Cooper, three of the other incredibly gifted actors on the show, with the best line up, why would this decision be made? Can she have such a huge ego that she thinks she can tear apart the intricately woven cast of talented actors and not feel the wrath of the fans? Does she care? Absolutely not!

This is a huge loss and why TPTB are not stepping in and stopping another blood bath is a mystery to me. JFP has done her worst on Another World, One Life to Live, Santa Barbara, Guiding Light and even General Hospital. So how does she mesmerize people into thinking she can do better next time?

Fans of Y&R are ranting as well they should, but we all know this great show will go on as it has for forty years. Twenty five of them consecutively at number one and though many say they will never watch again most will stay with the show they have loved for forty, twenty, ten years and yes miss the actors who have left, but there are still many great actors who will keep this show number one for many years to come.

In her defense, she has brought three exceptional actors to the show when Hollywood Heights finished it’s run. Robert Adamson who plays Noah Newman, Hunter Haley King who took over the role of Summer Newman and Melissa Ordway who replaced Emme Rylan as Abby Newman have all done very well in their new roles. Replacing Michael Muhney will not be as easy and fans will take a long time accepting anyone else in a role MM made his own.

This decision must have shocked Mr. Muhney who is up for a Daytime Emmy for his role. Muhney took to Twitter to let his many fans know: “I’m so sorry. It breaks my heart to say this, but I was just let go from Y&R. My last day on set is this Thursday. My last air date will be Jan 30th. I’m going to take some private time with my wife & kids, as I am most concerned for their well-being. I have 3 final episodes to film, and because they are my last, I will be giving it everything I have. More details will follow. #xoxoxo”. Could this tweet be a part of JFP’s epitaph? One could only hope!

All of the best to Michael Muhney who will have no problem finding work in soaps and prime time. He is that gifted.

Best of Luck Michael the love of your fans will follow wherever you land!

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