2013 best storyline The Young and the Restless

December 29, 2013
With the coming of the New Year we think back to our favorite soaps and try to find the best of each one. The storyline that was either very successful or downright bad.

I know there was a hearty dissent towards the Delia storyline on Y&R, but everyone must admit that it lead to Emmy worthy performances from many of the cast involved.

Billy Miller, as Billy Abbott is outstanding as the father who cannot forget his little girl. He is superb in portraying a man haunted by his daughters death and the fact that the driver has not been found. Billy will be missed and he will be impossible to replace.

Michael Muhney who as Adam Newman was the driver. He is haunted by the fact that he did not realize he hit Delia, thinking he just swerved to avoid hitting her dog. Then not coming forward to admit it has led him to some serious nightmares. Michael is so incredibly talented and has played this man with a conscience, thought to be a monster, in such an insightful and deeply felt way that those who disliked him have come to like Adam in all of his carnations. MM will surely be missed and is another irreplaceable actor.

Elizabeth Hendrickson has played Chloe, Delia’s mother, so incredibly real you would think she had live this herself. She has run the gamut of emotions from denial to anger to deep sorrow so well we felt each emotion right along with her. She is another Emmy contender and should win.

Amelia Heinle as Billy’s wife Victoria is also such a gifted actress she has made us feel her heartbreak at the loss of not only her stepdaughter, but also the husband she adores. As he falls deeper into despair she must hold her family together and try to understand his loss.

Peter Bergman, Billy’s big brother Jack Abbott, has been the rock the family needed to get through this tragedy. He is quietly there for his brother, trying to keep him from making life changing mistakes. In this as any other storylines he has been involved in this year he is eminently Emmy worthy.

Greg Rikkart as Kevin, chloe’s ex husband and Delia’s stepdad he has been wonderful in being there for Chloe as she grieves, while grieving himself. What a great actor he is as he fights to find the driver who killed Delia and comforting the wounded Chloe. Greg gives 100 % in every scene.

Jess Walton who plays Jill is the essence of a wounded soul. As she grapples with the loss of Katherine who she feels betrayed by, she now must deal with the loss of her granddaughter while trying to comfort her son and Chloe. She is also dealing with a mystery of her own and a takeover of Newman Enterprises. This magnificent actress is the new matriarch of Y&R and an Emmy worthy actress at any time.

With complete understanding of the fans who were hurt by this storyline we have to realize that this is a piece of life too many people have had to deal with and Y&R is the best at delivering storylines that are true to life. The performances brought about by this storyline were exceptional and gave these actors the opportunity to show their unbelievable talents


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