2013 best storyline Days Of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives has been a true revelation this year and well deserving of it’s Daytime Emmy win.

With a storyline like “The Taking of Father Eric” how could they miss grabbing everyone’s attention. Eileen Davidson as the villainous Kristen DeMira and the hunkalicious Greg Vaughan as the devout Father Eric made for one very sick,but hot story. The video of Kristen seducing a drugged Eric was quite sensational and the drug made the padre one hot lover. Okay, it is twisted and it was so deranged and so disgusting that we all felt we had to go to confession after seeing it. Marlena behind the curtain in church revealing the video to all the wedding guests was an added bonus.
Eileen is such an extraordinary talent and she carries off her many persona’s so realistically that we feel we have been on the teacups ride at Disneyworld after watching her performances. From ardent lover to scheming bitch to crazy daughter to a meek benefactress she is one amazingly, glorious actress.Could an Emmy be in ED’s future?

Greg Vaughan, whether he is drug addicted Lucky Spencer or devout and dedicated Father Eric is a wonder to watch. He exudes masculinity and yet can play a holy man with such tenderness and saintliness. Somehow we will not mind if he is defrocked.

Lets not forget Arianne Zucker who has played Nicole so well over many rough roads and still is a likeable character we all cheer for, played her heart out over this long storyline. Loving Father Eric in secret yet working with him and watching over him has made her a true heroine and then to be hurt so badly by his accusation that she raped him made her so vulnerable we wanted to hug her and tell her it would be alright. I thought she should have won an Emmy last year. She certainly is Emmy worthy this year.

Then in this same soap we have a hilarious “ <a href="http:// “>Drugged Bookclub “ storyline with the gifted actresses of Days acting their hearts out as they consume donuts laced with marijuana. What a fun day in the midst of mayhem and murder. Great all around storytelling.

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