Young and the Restless ‘Cassie’ and Victor’s secret revealed

The Young and the Restless surprised everyone with Friday’s cliffhanger. Ghost Cassie is actually a doppleganger of Cassie Newman. What? Sharon (Sharon Case) is not going crazy when she sees Cassie and it is all another dirty trick of none other than Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) !

TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan spoke to actress Camryn Grimes (Ghost Cassie/Cassie Newman lookalike) about the nasty secret she shares with Victor.

Camryn explaining who Ghost Cassie truly is: “You’re not going to find out exactly who she is for quite a while – but it’s pretty out there. She’s a very ballsy character. You’ll be surprised at the nature of her relationship with Victor. He doesn’t want his son, Nick (Joshua Morrow), reuniting with Sharon, so Victor is working with Fake Cassie to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Camryn on just how she and Victor are working together: “They find out Sharon has an explosive secret — one Victor can really use. They don’t know what the secret is, but they know it must be something pretty big.”

Also watch the video for Monday’s Y&R where te cliffhanger left off on Friday


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