Counting Cars proves soaps are in the eye of the beholder

What has a cable show on the history channel, a reality series called “Counting Cars” got to do with soap opera? I watch this show with my bed-bound husband and I have come to enjoy it very much.

Mainly because of the owner of “Counts Kustoms” a cool, rock and rollin, horror buff who is as buff as they come.

“ Danny Koker is the creative force behind each project. Danny is a self-taught mechanic who grew up in Cleveland and Detroit and whose family worked for Ford. He’s been successfully running his business for over 15 years and is a car- and bike-buying machine. Danny is so obsessed with hunting for, buying and flipping American muscle cars and motorcycles that when he sees a vehicle he loves, he’ll do whatever it takes to get it.”

I happen to see soap oper’s in every show I watch, every aspect of life and so when I watch this show, with big burly he menwho are softees inside and who will do anything to make their customers happy, especially those with a real story behind the work they need done, then I see a true soap story unfolding.

Like when a man came to them with a Blazer that neede to be overhauled, because he had promised it to his nephew when he turned sixteen, but his nephew was killed on a bike accident at age fifteen. This man so misses his nephew he feels an obligation to have the car fixed a s a tribute to his lost nephew. The job that Danny and Scott and Horny Mike, Rollie and Kevin do on this Blazer is amazing and brings tears to the eyes of the uncle who will take the car out and think of the nephew he loved so much. The engraved picture of his nephew on the left side of the back window, where he can see it when he drives was so touching it brought tears to everyone’s eyes. True soap opera to me.

Then their was the son whose mom loved mptorcycles and he wanted a cycle that would be a tribute to his mom. The end result was outrageous and the hand tooled seat with his mom’s name was beautiful to see. the son cried openly as did we all.

This show is worth watching, for these stories and all of the beautiful work done on cars and motorcycles. Also Danny has a rock band he sings in and you may get a chance to see the coolest guy on TV rockin out.

Counting Cars can be seen Tuesday nights at 9:30 p.m. on the History Channel.Image


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