Jon Lindstrom and Cady McClain married on Valentines Day

March 11, 2014
Jon Lindstrom (Kevin, ‘General Hospital’) and Cady McLain ( Kelly, ‘Young & Restless,’ ex Dixie, ‘All My Children’) recently surprised their fans by getting married on Valentines Day. The pair have been together for a very long time and finally decided to make it legal.

Michael Logan reported`this great news after interviewing Jon.

“Yes, the rumor mill has been churning!Cady and I got married on February 14 down at the Beverly Hills courthouse and had a wonderful party at home afterward with our close friends and family. Very intimate. We had it catered by a burger truck and set up a bar in the back yard. It was simple and perfect. Cady did an amazing job putting it together. My folks came down from the Northwest and Cady’s sister came up from San Diego. [GH stars] Lynn Herring and Kin Shriner and John York were there. Just a few old pals. It was a great day.”

TV Guide Magazine: The Beverly Hills court is famed for its spontaneous show-biz weddings. Was that the case with yours?
Lindstrom: In the courthouse they actually have photos on the walls of all the stars who got married there, like Bogie and Bacall, kinda like those restaurants that put up pictures of their famous customers. [Laughs] Only in L.A.! No, it wasn’t spontaneous but nor was it always the plan. We’ve been engaged for quite a while and it just seemed like the natural order of things. We also felt that there would be real protection for one another if we got married. We love each other deeply and get along so well that it was kinda like, why not? I’m not going anywhere. Cady’s not going anywhere. So, really, why not?

The reason they kept it secret, Jon explained:

‘There was never a chance we were going to do a big thing. Some of the magazines heard we were planning something and wanted to come photograph it. That would never happen with us. We’re very private people and we don’t like to share those things. [Laughs] We’re not into pomp and circumstance.’

More of the interview can be found here.

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