A good friend of the soaps and the fight to save them, Sue Okonis, has a wonderful idea to show the actors of Guiding Light, Another World and As The World Turns how much they are appreciated and missed everyday. Sue would like to organize a celebration of the lost soaps and their actors. A big party where fans and actors would attend to celebrate each other.

In her own words Sue Okonis asks for help. “This is not going to happen without help from other people. One person can’t do this alone. Please join the group if interested. This can be a lot of fun and you can make many lifelong friends. We devoted many hours watching these wonderful shows. Now is the time to give some time to get together with fans and hopefully stars of these shows to remember the many hours of joy they gave us”.

She has almost 70 people already signed up to attend and would like to know what the group is interested in helping with. :People are needed to help find an affordable venue. We need people to publicize the reunion”, which I am happy to start, but anyone can pass the word along to their friends and groups. “People are needed to write a letter to the stars agents or to them directly. We also need people to be willing to post about the group to other groups. The more help we get the easier this should be. Remember you don’t have to attend the reunion to help.”

She has also asked about making this a charity event. What a great idea. What do you think? Let Sue know.

Sue also asks that we please do not send the stars personal information as a post. Please message her. “We need to respect the stars privacy.” She appreciates the information and will note it.

Sue is a true fan and a giver always helping in anyway she can. She has fought for her soaps, and now wants to let the stars know we will never forget them and the hours and hours of happiness they all brought us.

This will be the first of many updates and we hope you will go to the Facebook page and join us so this celebration can become a reality.

Here is the link to give out to the group:


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