Soap fans join True Blue Soap Monday for AMC OLTL GH

Nanci Hughes
NY Soap Opera Examiner
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Here is something fans of All My Children, One Life To Live and General Hospital may want to be a part of.

On April 14 fans are asked “To Show their True Colors ”

Fans of All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital will unite nationwide to show their continued loyalty on April 14, 2014, the 3rd anniversary of the ABC cancellations. Fans will wear the color blue to show they are “true blue” fans on True Blue Soap Monday! Fans will post selfies on the Event Facebook Page and on twitter using the hashtags #AMC #OLTL #GH and #truebluesoapmonday. Event organizers are also planning Special Event Day activities for several U.S. cities.

The idea for the event was developed by the administrators of the Facebook Soap Group, ABC Bring Back “Love in the Afternoon”. Susan English, creator of the group, said “We wanted to show ABC and the actors of the two cancelled iconic soaps that there is still a tremendous fan base out there wanting these show to return to the network lineup. Fans want to restore “Love in the Afternoon” on ABC. What better way to prove this than by showing our “true blue colors”.

“Our fan base is truly diverse” continues English. ” The idea for commemorating the cancellation anniversary came from a devoted viewer from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The idea for the “true blue” aspect of the event was suggested by a lesbian soap and music enthusiast from Seattle.” As for English herself, she started watching the soaps as a teen and then, followed them through college and her career thru newspaper synopses and later, Soapnet. “The importance of these shows hit home for me in the spring of 2008 when I was told I needed a life saving liver transplant,” said English. “My stories gave me a brief daily respite from dealing with the deterioration of my health.”

Of course, everyone knows what happened that dark day in April 2011 when All My Children and One Life to Live were cancelled by ABC. It was followed by the protests of many soap fans on Facebook and Twitter and eventually led to the attempt by Prospect Park to briefly bring the soaps to the Internet. However, since Prospect Park has shelved those plans and recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, fans’ focus returns to ABC. “The majority of the replacement programming ABC has implemented has dismally failed,” said English. “General Hospital, to the contrary, has experienced an amazing resurgence due to soap fans. We hope to demonstrate to Bob Iger, Anne Sweeney, Ben Sherwood and Vicki Dummer of Disney/ABC that there is a renewed demand for AMC, OLTL and GH on ABC Daytime! They can restore the network’s luster by bringing back “Love in the Afternoon”.

English says her Facebook group members are hopeful that ABC will see the error of its ways. True Blue Soap Monday is designed to do just that. English, herself, is optimistic. “A year ago, I was in a hospital struggling to recover from a ruptured spleen and then six months later, I received the gift of life-a liver transplant. If I could survive the odds, I think AMC, OLTL, and GH can too.”

This is a very positive idea without threats or dismal circumstances just fans showing their love for there soaps in a heartwarming way.

So join the true blue fan group and be there April 14th. Thanks Ms English!

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