Soap Opera’s blamed for Daytime Emmys declining audience

According to the reason for the low ratings for the Daytime Emmys is that it centers around soap opera’s. Because so little focus is given to talk shows and game shows and children;s programming.

“According to Gabriel Gornell, who exec produced the past two telecasts, audience apathy may be due to the ceremony’s strong focus on one genre: soap operas. “There’s a long history in building this special around daytime dramas,” says Gornell.”

“Daytime Emmys switched networks almost annually for four decades and has been beset by a 20-year ratings slide. Case in point: In 1993, the broadcast garnered 22 million viewers. Last year, viewers of the HLN telecast numbered 913,000.

They certainly do not see the real picture. If they go back to the older telecasts tey will see that the Daytime Emmys were so popular because they were about daytime dramas , the soap opera’s.

The beautiful women and gorgeous hunky men of soaps hosted the show, gave out the awards and entertained as well. Soap viewers were there in full force and the ratings were high.

The new telecasts have people outside of soap’s with TV newscasters handing them out and singing(?). So of course they have lost viewers the shows have become boring because of all of the lack of soap actors. Though we only had five soaps last year and now only four, the fans of the four soaps have moved mountains to keep their soaps and will show up for the show if and only if it is centered around the daytime dramas with soap actors honoring the talk shows and the game shows and the few children shows.

Make it a soap extravaganza people and you will see the fans come roaring back instead of losing interest and watching Prime Time soaps like Dallas, Devious Maids or Revenge instead.

Read the here.

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