Madelaine and Leisl are sisters on GH. Where are the Quartermaines?

Madelaine and Leisl are sisters? Nathan and Britt are cousins, half brother and sister, lovers? What the heck is going on at General Hospital? Why must they keep bringing in new characters when the main characters are being decimated. Who needs new nurses when the core families are available?

GH is generally a violent show full of murder and mayhem, but when the OLTL fab two came on to write and produce there was a glimmer of hope that they would be able to bring the legendary characters back to their former glory. Instead they became Capone and Derringer and started killing off the people who made GH great. Quartermaines are now extinct. Dinosaurs in the new world. They can never be revived, there is no one left to bring new life to their clan. Even if they bring Jason back, he does not carry their name so the Q’s are no more. Yes, we have Tracy who does have some screen time, but Monica is mere filler.

Some fans suggest that Monica can be the third sister in the Magda, Leisl mess, hoping she will be brought front and center, but that still has nothing to do with the Q’s. Sure it would be nice to have Monica on screen for more than 30 seconds, but the Q’s have been eliminated either way. I know Ned will be back for the funeral, but any chance of a rebirth of the Q’s is as dead as they are.

Why is it easier to write for newbies than to carry on with the families who count? Yes Nathan is good to look at and Britt has become bearable, but Levi? Why couldn’t they write for AJ, and Ned and Brook Lynn. Why does Michael have to be a Corinthos when he was becoming a Quartermaine with AJ.

Why was every young Quartermaine killed violently when the Corinthos brood should have been targeted? They with the mob boss for a dad?

When did Carlivatti become a death monger instead of the writer who held family to the highest importance on the much missed One Life To Live. The Lords and Cramers and Buchanans thrived on OLTL. He used to be one of the best writers in the business, but has been relegated to being a hit man once he came to GH.

With Robert (for lack of a s/l)and Robin(should never have been brought back) gone the Scorpio family is eradicated, since Mac is also filler and The Spencer family is a joke now that Luke has been replaced with mob minded Lukebot and Bobby gone and Lucas just mooning over Brad, unfortunately, the founding Hardy family is long gone. All replaced by criminals, Corinthos, Cassidines, Jeromes , and their minions. tom Hardy should be running General Hospital not Frau Leisel.

It is a sorry day for Port Charles when they have no upright families to look up to. Just the legacy of violence and death. PC has become a graveyard. A graveyard of Quartermaines!

General Hospital can be seen weekdays on ABC at 2 p.m.

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