Does Ron Carlivatti despise the Sonny Corinthos character?

I am mystified by Ron Carlivati. He has become a writer I do not recognize anymore. His writing for One Life To Live was stellar and his love of the families of Llanview was always evident. Even the most vile character was given heart and understanding of those faults.

Now he writes for General Hospital with utter contempt and the most reviled character is that of Sonny Corinthos. The way he destroyed A J Quartermaine was totally out of character for the RC I watched for years. This is the family he should be reverently writing for. Instead he has made fools of most and destroyed the Quartermaines for good.

Now, as I watch his writing for the mob boss I realize he despises the character. Sonny Corinthos was always an irredeemable character for me. Totally immoral and self centered and disloyal when he felt it was right. Sonny plays by his own rules and even his children are fair game when he is in that mood. Yes SC lives his life not by his morals or ethics which he lacks, but by his moods.

He makes promises he fails to keep most times because his mood changes and then watch out. He will make promises to his sons and then break them time after time. Who can forget when he turned against Carly and threw her and her son out. His “son” Michael was turned away without a backward glance. Oh, but he had bipolar disorder then and did not know it. Can you just think back to the number of excuses that have been made for Sonny over the years, even by the women he has used and abused. Well he is being treated now and what has he done? Promised Michael he would never kills his father A J, and then turns around and shoots him point bank in the chest, just like he did to his other son Dante. Sonny was forgiven then, but will he be forgiven this time? Now that Ron Carlivati is in charge? Will Morgan forgive him again? Now that he literally screwed him and his lover Ava? Will he be as forgiving as he was when Sonny stabbed him in the back? The child that was truly his, but he could never love like he “loves” the stolen one, Michael.

Sonny has always been written bad. He was bad from day one when he got Karen on drugs and had her stripping. There are only so many ways you can make him redeemable and RC cannot do this. He has been writing Sonny with dislike since he started and only those who are enamored of the dimples and the bad boy image do not see this.

The rest of us see the contempt and dislike in each scene and now with the rutting that went on in the mausoleum right after A J was put to rest he made his intentions clear. Sonny Corinthos will be the pig many of us have despised and pulling him out of this immoral act and making excuses is going to be hard for anyone to write. Ron Carlivatti won’t be the one that is for sure.

Watch Sonny’s betrayal here

General Hospital can be seen weekdays on ABC at 2 p.m.

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